Cleansing Shampoo
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Clean, never squeaky

Shampoo helps set the stage for your hair’s hydration. By getting rid of residual dirt, pollution, and product buildup, routine washing helps free your roots and scalp so they can absorb more of the nutrients and hydration they need as you condition. Teed up in the Dry Routine after our Exfoliating Mask, this shampoo cleans without overdrying to leave your scalp feeling soothed and your hair feeling soft and healthy.

12 fl oz
Getting to the root of issues, both on your head and inside of it: 1% of sales support grassroots mental health (learn more).

  • Rich lather clarifies and cleanses
  • Sulfate-free formula leaves your hair feeling soft, clean, and hydrated
  • Oh so gentle — use on the regular whether that’s every day, every other day, or whatever
  • Won’t leave hair feeling stripped of moisture
  • Zero sulfates, silicone, drying alcohols, or dyes
  • Safe for color-treated hair
As part of our Dry routine, this Cleansing Shampoo leaves your scalp & hair looking and feeling healthy.
Leaves your scalp & hair feeling clean
Leaves your hair feeling soft & hydrated
Doesn't leave your hair stripped of moisture
Improves the look & feel of your hair
Healthy hair comes from a routine that cares for your roots and scalp
Our products are better together, so get the whole routine for even more good (hair) days.
Everything you didn't know you needed to know about your hair.
Consider this your cheat-sheet for healthier hair.
Not sure what your root & scalp type is? We can help.
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