Headquarters model applying Dry Exfoliating Mask scalp care product
Everything you wanted to know about your hair but didn't know how to ask.
FACT 01:
You can’t fake healthy hair.
What you love about your hair on its best days (and what makes you reach for the hair tie on the bad days) is probably related to how healthy it seems. Glossy locks, plenty of volume and bounce, and minimal frizz and breakage, are all physical signs of healthy hair. If you’re like us, you’ve tried a few products that promised to deliver shampoo-commercial hair, but end up only having a superficial impact. That’s because there’s no quick fix or perfect product that gives you the hair of your dreams. The only way to have a real impact on how healthy your hair seems is to focus on improving how healthy it actually is.
FACT 02:
Healthy hair starts at the root.
You might have heard that your hair is, technically, dead. That means that your hair will never be healthier or more alive than the moment it grows out of your scalp. In that sense, hair care as we know it is all about keeping that hair looking good for as long as possible, aiming to address problems at the surface for just a few days. Hair wellness goes beyond the superficial to focus on improving the health of your hair at the place where it has the most impact: the roots and scalp. Your scalp is home to the follicles that grow each strand and shape your hair as you know it, from its texture to its volume. So it’s no surprise that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Yours might be dry, oily, neither, or even both, depending on the season. Since scalp care isn’t one-size-fits-all, it’s important to get in touch with your own roots and scalp so you can start caring for them.
FACT 03:
A healthy scalp is grounded in a routine.
If you’ve never thought about caring for your scalp, don’t worry—you’re not alone. But the truth is that you’ve probably already done some good things for your roots, like giving yourself a mini-scalp massage whenever you shampoo. Reframing your hair care routine to focus on caring for your roots and scalp will help you maximize the health of your hair, so you can spend less time fixing your hair and more time enjoying it. The key is to create a routine where each step builds on the one that came before, making it more effective than it would ever be on its own. Exfoliating regularly gives your roots and scalp a clean slate, by reducing excess oil and product build-up. It also makes your shampoo even more effective at cleansing and detoxing. Conditioner helps maintain moisture balance and replenishes the nutrients your hair needs to thrive. A leave-in treatment provides a final boost of nourishment so your roots and scalp feel their best until the next wash.
FACT 04:
It’s what’s inside that counts.
What you use to take care of your scalp is almost as important as what you don’t. Many ingredients commonly used in hair care products can have a negative impact on your hair, even if you don’t use them daily. Everything we make is free of ingredients like sulfates, silicones, dyes, and drying alcohols, and is safe to use on treated hair. By choosing products that are free from these harsh ingredients means you can tailor your routine to what your roots and scalp need to thrive. Even daily shampooing can be healthy for your hair when you’re using a gentle formula like ours. So go ahead: Wash it after a workout, get a blowout, or throw it in a ponytail—whatever works for you is good with us. From here on out, there are more good (hair) days ahead.
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