Headquarters model looking in mirror
Let’s face it: few things have the power to change the way you see yourself like your hair. Your hair is a microcosm of who you are, reflecting your identity, your personal style, even your mood. No one else’s hair is quite the same, and no one else’s relationship to their hair is quite the same either: it’s uniquely yours.
We know, because we’ve talked to a lot of women about their hair. A lot.
Long, buzzed, curly, covered, locked, bobbed, or teased up high—no matter the style, there was one common link: everyone wanted hair that was healthy, but few had a clear understanding of how to actually make that happen. The products that they used promised “instant miracles” and better *looking* hair, but none of them were designed to impact overall hair health or changed the way they felt about their hair.
Luckily for you, that’s where we come in. Headquarters is a wellness brand that’s rooted in thoughtful routines, and we’re starting with hair.
Some people might call us “root-obsessed,” and they’re right—because we know that a great head of hair starts at the root. Headquarters grew out of the needs of real women, a ton of research, and a lot of love. We’re the newest brand developed by Harry’s, Inc. (think Harry’s and Flamingo), and we’re here to prove that there’s a better way for people to engage with their own health, one day at a time.
Here at Headquarters HQ, we’ve assembled an ace team dedicated to creating better solutions for women and their hair.
We’re proud to have some of the best minds (and heads of hair) in R&D, consumer insights, customer experience, marketing, and beyond. Together, we’re reimagining how we care for our hair to help everyone have more good (hair) days.
We know that hair isn’t everything...but it’s still a big deal in our book. It’s a source of comfort with the potential to totally reinvent how we see ourselves.
We work hard to create products that truly improve the health of your hair, and hopefully your day-to-day life. We also believe that healthy hair should be priced for everyone—and that your routine should be beautifully designed enough to take up real estate in your bathroom. Our mission is to change the way we think about caring for ourselves, starting with the way we care for our hair.
Our 1% commitment
Getting to the root of issues

At Headquarters, we believe in getting to the root of issues, both on your head and inside of it. Because, let’s be honest—we’ve all got a lot going on up there. Each of our lived experiences looks different, but we all support others, balance competing demands, and defy layers of interdependent inequality (gender, race, age, class, sexual orientation, ableness—you name it!).

With your help, we set aside 1% of all sales to support grassroots mental health initiatives and programming through our nonprofit partners.

Meet Our First Grassroots Partners:
Acorn Center for Restoration and Freedom logo

Acorn Center for Restoration and Justice
Supporting healing/art/spiritual justice programs for the BIPOC LGBQ+ community in Muskogee Creek Territory in Georgia.

With our support, Acorn Center provides group and individual wellness services that increase the capacity of Black Trans* folks to survive systemic oppression, heal personal trauma and create a culture of Gender Freedom.

HIR Wellness Institute logo

HIR Wellness Institute
Improving mental health and wellness outcomes for Indigenous and underserved communities in the Greater Milwaukee area.

With our support, HIR provides free mental health, advocacy, and wellness services to American Indian and underserved community members who are victims of sexual, domestic, and violent crimes and abuse.